The Four Kinds of Love: A Free Mindfulness Training Series

To live from love is to be peaceful, relaxed, and joyful. These meditations and talks help you understand the four kinds of love, the delusions that get in the way of love, the delusions that try to masquerade as love, and how to skillfully respond to those delusions so you may feel more kindness, peace, compassion, and joy in your life.

Each class consists of a guided meditation and a talk, and is less than 90 minutes long. Listen to the classes at your own pace, but try to do at least one per week. Enjoy!

Why are these classes free?

We offer this training for free because we care about you, your suffering, and your difficulties. We know these trainings will help you be more mindful, and help you come out of your misery. We offer these trainings freely out of concern for your benefit and welfare. Please meditate regularly, and be happy, peaceful, loving, and joyful!

Class One

Meditation: Loving-Kindness Meditation 
Talk: What is True Love? An Introduction to the States of Kindness, Peace, Compassion, and Joy.

Class Two

Meditation: Loving-Kindness Meditation 
Talk: Kindness: The Love That Befriends

Class Three

Meditation: Loving-Kindness Meditation
Talk: The Adventures of Peace Pilgrim: A Review of Kindness

Class Four

Meditation: Loving-Peace Meditation
Talk: Peace: The Love That Allows

Class Five

Meditation: Loving-Peace Meditation
Talk: The Queen and the Sage: A Review of Peace

Class Six

Meditation: Pascal Auclair’s Fire of Compassion Meditation
Talk: Compassion: The Love That Embraces Suffering

Class Seven

Meditation: Loving-Compassion Meditation
Talk: From Ego to Enlightenment and a Review of Compassion

Class Eight

Meditation: Loving-Joy Meditation
Talk: Joy: The Love That Celebrates

Class Nine

Meditation: Loving-Joy Meditation
Talk: Aspects of Joy: Awe, Play, Goofiness, and Creativity

Class Ten

Meditation: To Be Announced (Coming soon)
Talk: How the Four States of Love Work Together to Balance and Support One Another. (Coming soon)

Class Eleven

Meditation: To Be Announced (Coming soon)
Talk: Series Summary (Coming soon)