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Photo Credit: Randy Fath

Photo Credit: Randy Fath

All you need to take this Mindfulness Fundamentals course can be found on this page. We suggest you bookmark this page for your convenience.

Give Your Full Attention to The Course

We encourage you to listen to these classes as if you are there, in the classroom. This means be fully focused on the class. Don’t do anything else other than attend the class. Put away all distractions. Turn off your phone, or if listening on your phone, download the episode and put your phone in airplane mode. Tell your family or roommates to not disturb you during class. This undivided focus will allow you to learn better, and fully participate with the meditation and written activities.

Please Bring to Each “Class.”

  1. Your course handouts.

  2. Your planner, schedule, calendar or whatever you use to plan and schedule your life.

  3. Either a dedicated notebook or a journal to take notes in and do the written activities.

  4. Pen or pencil.

Class One: How Does Meditation Work?

Start by listening to the first class here: How does meditation work? A transcript of the class is here. [LINK TO BLOG PAGE]

[IMBED] First class

Breath meditation training, 28 min. In case you would like a refresher. Transcript. [LINK]

[IMBED] Breath meditation training – 30 min

Give us your feedback on Mindfulness Fundamentals’ Class One [LINK Two-Minute Evaluation for Class One]

Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions [LINK] page to see if they are answered. If not, you can contact us using the form on that page.

Suggested reading

How to Use Slogans to Transform Your Life

Working with the Slogan “Breathe”

Frequently Asked Questions about Meditation [LINK]

Mindfulness Mission

For every day between class one and class two, do the following:

1. Meditate 5 minutes a day. Use the guided breath meditation audio below. Then log it on your log form. Here is the script of it for your reference. [LINK]

2. Do the slogan work for “Breathe” every morning and take mini-meditations as often as you remember to throughout your day. Listen to this recording while in front of your “Breathe” slogan card.

Questions about your Mindfulness Mission? Review the details of it here. [LINK to section of class 1 blog page] Class One Mindfulness Mission here.

Class Two