Yay! Thanks for loving yourself enough to get started.

Here are the first steps you can take to transform your life for the better.


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2. start a meditation practice

Are you ready to live with less fear, anxiety, anger, and depression? Are you ready for more love, peace, and joy in your life?

We’re here to help! Taking advantage of our free meditation trainings and resources. Start a meditation practice that will help you come out of your misery and thrive. 

To start, commit to the following four intentions:

1. I will do a thirty minute or longer meditation once a week.

• Like riding a bike, you learn how to meditate by doing it. Use the 30 minute or longer meditations to learn how do do that style of meditation. Training meditations are marked with an asterisk (*) on our guided meditations page.

• Start by learning breath meditation on our guided meditations page. Then learn other styles in the recommended order listed below.

2. I will meditate for five or more minutes every day.

• Complete this journal activity to help establish a daily meditation practice.

• The hardest part of meditating is making yourself sit down and start doing it. To practice this vital skill, start by doing short, daily meditations. Don’t worry about the short duration of the meditation, they can be lengthened once you have mastered the skill of starting to meditate.

• Use the five-minute meditations on our guided meditations page that corresponds with the style of meditation you just learned. For example, since you will start by learning breath meditation, use the five-minute breath meditation for your first week of practice.

3. I will listen to one training a week.

Our trainings help you get the most out of your meditation practice. Listen to them while driving, doing chores, or relaxing and winding down for the evening. Start with our Half-Day Meditation Training. It is several hours long, with natural breaks. Consider it to be four trainings. Then listen to The Power of Persistence training, before starting our “Living in the Now Training Series.”

4. I will review a slogan each morning to help me implement a new behavior or attitude.

• Learn how to work with slogans by reading, “How to Use Slogans to Transform Your Life.”

• Start with the slogan “breathe.” Learn the significance of this slogan by reading, “Working with the Slogan Breathe.”

Having made your four commitments, here is your long-term game plan. Learn the meditation styles in this order:

  1. Breath Meditation
  2. Sensation Meditation
  3. Bare Awareness Meditation
  4. Loving-Kindness Meditation

For each meditation style you learn, practice it for five minutes a day for one or more weeks, before learning the next style.

After you have experience with all four styles, pick one that you are drawn to, and do five or more minutes of it daily for two to four months. This will help you become grounded and skilled in that technique to get the most out of it. Then pick another style that calls to you and do it for a similar length of time.

Once you establish a routine meditation practice where you are meditating for five or more days a week for over a month, start to increase the length of your daily meditations by one minute each week. Increase the length of your meditations until you meditate 15 to 30 minutes a day.

Once your mindfulness and concentration become more continuous, and you understand the meditation techniques, you can meditate without the use of the guided meditations. Of course, feel free to use them whenever you find them helpful.

Thanks for your desire to improve yourself and get the most out of life. Best wishes to you!



Do you have a friend who is interested in learning meditation, or who is a meditator who may enjoy more support? If so, email them our web address and ask if they would like to meditate with you. Meditating with others is a wonderful way to inspire and enrich your meditation practice.

PLEASE NOTE: When we say email interested friends, we are not asking you to email someone you know who needs, or should do meditation. Honestly, everyone could benefit from meditation. However, we are not into proselytizing, and encourage our supporters to not be into it too. Thank you for that!