Guided meditations aid your meditation practice, especially if you are new to meditation. The instructions help remind you what you are doing, so you remain more mindful and concentrated.

Download and print a meditation tracking log to chart your progress.

New to meditation? Read "Get Started," do the "Creating a Daily Meditation Practice" journal activity, and listen to "The Power of Persistence" to help you succeed.

* Listen to meditations with an asterisk to learn that meditation. Simply follow the instructions as best you can.




mindfulness meditation - sensations

mindfulness meditation - walking

Mindfulness meditation - bare awareness

love-based meditations

Download a free meditation tracking log PDF

It is helpful to record your daily meditation practice as a way to chart your progress and to lovingly, compassionately, and forgivingly hold yourself accountable to your beautiful intention to mediate daily for the benefit and welfare of all life. Download and print your free meditation tracking log.