A Free Training Series for Activists, Social Workers, and Everyone

Because our fundamental nature is love, we care about those who suffer violence and injustice at the hands of people enslaved by delusion. Given our shared desire to live in peace and safety, how do we respond skillfully to the violence and injustices that occur in our world? This is the central question of this training.

You will benefit from this training whether you are a dedicated activist, social worker, or simply someone who seeks more peace and joy in your head, heart, and home.

Each class consists of a guided meditation and a talk. Each class is less than 90 minutes long. Listen to the classes at your own pace, but aim to get in at least one per week. Enjoy!

Class One

Meditation: Compassion Meditation

Talk: The Key to Lasting, Reliable Happiness

Class Two

Meditation: Appreciative Joy Meditation

Talk: Defining Love: Our Natural State of Being

class three

Meditation: Love Yourself Meditation

Talk: Pure Motives Lead to Successful Actions

class four

Meditation: Balancing Compassion Meditation

Talk: Loving Intentions Carry You to Unconditional Love

class Five

Meditation: Self-Compassion Meditation

Talk: Develop Self-Compassion to Be a Skillful, Effective, and Persistent Activist

PLEASE NOTE: We have stopped producing this series for the time being to put our time and energy into getting our Mindfulness Fundamentals course online. We do not know when we will resume this series. Thank you for your understanding and patience.