The Key to Lasting, Reliable Happiness

October 2, 2018 Group Meditation Part 2 of 2

This talk happened October 2, 2018 at the Boundless Love Project’s Group Meditation. Before listening to the talk, we suggest you listen to this guided compassion meditation, which preceded the talk.

This is the first talk in the training series, Being Medicine: How to Heal Yourself and Your World.

The Key to Lasting and Reliable Happiness is Unconditional Love

In this talk, we reflect on genuine, no-strings-attached acts of kindness we have received and given to discover: The key to a happy life is living with unconditional love for all people, all beings, and all life.

Actions motivated by unconditional love help eliminate active delusions in the mind of the giver, and reduce the delusions in the mind of the receiver. Because active delusions are the true source of our suffering (Not our circumstances in the external world, as our delusional egos insists) actions motivated by unconditional love heal both the giver and receiver.