Pure Motives Lead to Successful Actions

October 16, 2018 Group Meditation Part 2 of 2

This talk happened October 16, 2018 at the Boundless Love Project’s Group Meditation. Before listening to the talk, we suggest you listen to this guided love yourself meditation, which preceded the talk. This talk is the third talk in the series, Being Medicine: How to Heal Yourself and the World.

Pure Motives Lead to Successful Actions

In the first and second talks of the Being Medicine series, we discovered that relating to ourselves and others with unconditional love, friendliness, and respect, helps heal our mental suffering and is the most effective way to heal our culture and world from its social woes.

In this talk we review and delve deeper into what love is and how it is experienced. We also start to define intentions as the source energy behind all thoughts, words, and deeds. We encourage ourselves to open to the possibility that our conditioned, impersonal intentions are not purely for the welfare and well-being of all life. Otherwise, if we believe our motives to be pure and skillful, then the confirmation bias of the mind will hide our unskillful and mixed motives from us (but not to those around us) and we will continue to suffer and inflict suffering on others.

As activists, to be successful in our campaigns, our motives must be purified and skillful. When our intentions are unskillful or mixed, our actions are unskillful and less effective. But when our intentions are skillful, our actions are effortlessly skillful and more effective.