Loving-Peace Meditation - 45 min

January 23, 2018 Group Meditation Part 1 of 2

This 45-minute loving peace meditation was given by Freeman at the Boundless Love Project’s Group Meditation. After doing this meditation, we suggest you listen to the talk, The Queen and the Sage: A Review of Peace, which happened afterwards.

Below are the phrases used during this meditation. Normally, if you are doing the meditation on your own, without a guide, you would only use three to five easy-to-remember phrases that really resonate with you. You would try to keep the phrases simple, so they do not become a memory exercise, as this may distract you from being fully focused on feeling the meaning behind the phrases. Since this was a guided meditation, however, a variety of phrases were used:

May you dwell in a deep inner peace, free from greed, aggression, and prejudice.

May your heart and mind be peaceful, balanced, and at ease with all that you experience.

I wish you happiness, but your happiness or unhappiness is not up to me.

In this lawful universe, your happiness is based on the skillfulness of your intentions. Given this universal truth, may all of your intentions arise from a deep love and appreciation of all life.

Given that everything changes, may you welcome change with a calm and relaxed body, a spacious and balanced mind, and with peace and ease in your heart.

May I open to what is happening in your life with balance, spaciousness, and ease.

May I accept that you have your own journey.

Gain and loss arise and pass away. This is part of your journey.

Joy and sorrow arise and pass away. This is a universal truth for you and all beings.

Whatever arises for you, may you accept this moment with a clam, open heart, just as it is.

May you know the peace and simplicity of allowing things to be as they are.

After listening, be sure to listen to the talk, The Queen and the Sage: A Review of Peace, which is part 2 of this group meditation.