Training Seven: Nonjudgment Day is Near!

Photo credit: Jesse Schoff

Video Recording

This video recording was created at our May 28, 2019 group meditation. Enjoy!

The video starts with a guided meditation, but if you wish to only hear the talk, scroll to minute 34:10. Please click the icon to turn on the sound and push play. Then sit or lie down in a comfortable, energizing position; close your eyes; and listen with an open heart and mind. Enjoy!

Training 7: Nonjudgment Day is Near!

Training 7: Refrain from the Violence of Mind, Heart, Tongue, and Fist Enjoy a 30-minute loving-kindness meditation and a talk about the source of all violence: the mental state of judgment. In this talk we start to explore what judgment is, how it works, and how it is an impersonal lie that we best not believe. Read these tips to get the most out of this video: This class is part of our Creating the Beloved Community free training series. Check out other classes in this series here: Read and print your own copy of the Beloved Community Pledge here: This video was recorded May 28, 2019 at the Boundless Love Project's Group Meditation.

Posted by Boundless Love Project on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Audio Recording

The long meditation starts at 7:11 minutes and the talk starts at 42:15. Enjoy!