Body Scan Meditation, 30 minutes

November 28, 2017 Group Meditation Part 1 of 2

This 30-minute mindfulness meditation was given Nov. 28, 2017 by Freeman at the Boundless Love Project’s Group Meditation. After doing this meditation, we suggest you listen to the talk/discussion, “Living in the Now Series Summary,” which happened afterwards.

Meditation details:

• In this body scan meditation, you move your attention part by part over your entire body to feel whatever sensations you feel.

• In the same way that children experience your full attention on them as an act of love, when you place your full attention on a body part it is as act of love, care, and compassion for that part of the body.

• No matter how pleasant a sensations is, don’t react with craving and clinging. No matter how unpleasant a sensations is, don’t react with hatred or aversion. Keep the mind balanced, calm, relaxed and peaceful regardless of all sensations that you feel.

• In areas where you are unable to feel sensations, hold your attention on that area for 10 or so seconds to see if any sensations arise. If none arise, feel free to move along.

• 30 minutes long.

After listening, be sure to listen to the talk, “Living in the Now Series Summary,” which is part 2 of this group meditation.