Bare awareness meditation with an exploration of intentions

Oct. 10, 2017 Group Meditation Part 1 of 2

This 29-minute bare awareness mindfulness meditation was given October 10, 2017 by Freeman at the Boundless Love Project’s Group Meditation. After doing this meditation, we suggest you listen to the, “effortless effort discussion,” which happened afterwards.

Meditation details

• Part of this meditation is to introduce you to your intentions. Intentions are the energy and motivations behind your every thought, word, and deed. Intentions can be skillful or unskillful.

• The way to feel your innate happiness, peace, and love fully is by doing skillful actions with skillful intentions.

• The ability to be mindful of your intentions in every moment will aid you in consistently doing skillful actions with skillful intentions, and in feeling more joy in what you do.

• In bare awareness meditation there is no anchor of our attention other than the present moment.

• The point of bare awareness meditation is to be the watcher of whatever your awareness is aware of in the present moment. Your awareness may be aware of any internal or external experience. What you are aware of is unimportant. What matters is that you remember to be aware of what you are aware of.

• Bare awareness meditation represents what it is like to be mindful during daily life.

• 29-minutes long.

After listening, be sure to listen to the, “effortless effort discussion,” which is part 2 of this group meditation.