Take the Beloved Community Pledge!

Thank you for your interest in helping to create the beloved community. This pledge gives us gentle guidance to help us live more loving, peaceful, and joyful lives, while also helping us address the injustices around us so that all life may be safe, happy, and peaceful.

In honor of the courageous members of the civil rights movement and their worthy aims, this pledge is modeled on the Commitment Card that that appears in Martin Luther King, Jr’s book Why We Can’t Wait.

The Boundless Love Project’s Beloved Community Pledge

To help peacefully create a global beloved community where all life thrives, I pledge to:

1. TRUST and OBEY my conscience as the highest authority.

2. MEDITATE daily for the benefit and welfare of all people, all beings, and all life forms.

3. CONTEMPLATE, STUDY, and LEARN the ways of love on a daily basis.

4. RECOGNIZE the inherent worth and value of all life and TREAT both friend and foe with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

5. WALK and TALK in the manner of love, for love is our most authentic and fundamental nature.

6. REMEMBER always that as we work to create the global beloved community, we seek peace and reconciliation, not dominance and retribution.

7. REFRAIN from the violence of mind, heart, tongue, and fist.

8. SACRIFICE personal wants and desires for the benefit and welfare of all life.

9. SEEK to lovingly perform regular acts of service for others.

10. ENDEAVOR to maintain good mental, emotional, and bodily health.

I recognize that adopting these worthy commitments is a journey and not a destination. Thus, whenever I break these commitments, I will FORGIVE myself, RECOMMIT to them, and PERSIST in following them for as long as it takes to embody them fully and create the global beloved community within myself and the world around me.

Having seriously considered this decision, I sign this pledge with the DETERMINATION to PERSEVERE.

Contemplation Period

The text above is the full pledge. Before signing the Beloved Community Pledge, consider listening to or reading the following:

What is the Beloved Community and Why is it Important?

Creating the Beloved Community

In addition, here is a pdf of the beloved community pledge for you to download, print, and frequently review.

If after given this decision heartfelt consideration, you still want to sign this pledge, then please complete the form below. Thank you!

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