Laughter Yoga Recap

On January 15, 2019, guest teacher Theresa Zingery lead ten attendees in a 30-minute laughter yoga session at our group meditation.

Theresa Zingery

Theresa Zingery

Theresa has been a certified laughter yoga facilitator since 2012. She has also been trained in Svaroopa Yoga, and she regularly practices Svaroopa yoga meditation, Pranayama and Asansas (poses). She works as a Community Education Manager with Anoka Hennepin Schools and serves as a Board Member for Compassionate Action for Animals. She lives in Golden Valley with her husband and two furry children -- who are very good at helping with her mindfulness practice. Haha! We were thrilled to have her generously volunteer her time to lead us in this technique.

Laughter yoga is named laughter yoga because it involves special breathing, not because you need to hold any special poses.

Laughter Makes Life Worth Living.png

Through breathing exercises and activities, Theresa led us to engage with one another in a goofy, playful manner that encouraged joy, mirth, and laughter. It was a wonderful workout for the lungs and diaphragm. After only 30 minutes, many of us felt the peaceful, comfortable exhaustion you get after a productive exercise session at the gym.

Thank you to Theresa and to all who attended for making this a joyful experience.

Check out our slide show of the event below. Thanks to Lisa Cleveland for documenting the event in photos and to Chisty Schick for loaning us a camera to use to document it.

NOTE: If any participants would like any of these photos removed, please let Freeman know. Thank you!