End-of-Year Fund Drive a Success!

Congratulations! We did it! Thanks to you, our generous supporters, we raised $1,740 in our end-of-year fund drive. This surpassed our $1,500 goal and allowed us to receive the full $750 in matching funds pledged by our committed board of directors and officers. May you feel much joy for this success.

Thank you to all of you who donated, and to all of you who offer your goodwill and moral support to our efforts. Thanks also to all of you who meditate to benefit yourself and all life. You are the Boundless Love Project! All of these efforts help us grow as individuals and an organization, that we may better serve life and manifest our vision of a global beloved community where all life thrives.

Too Ambitious?

Sure, I’ll admit, such lofty goals seem absurd given the Boundless Love Project’s current human and financial resources. But as Martin Luther King, Jr. encouraged everyone, we must keep our eyes on the prize. We must know what we live and work towards creating, to help make that vision a reality.

Our small words and deeds of love may seem as insignificant as a grain of sand, but when we generate them moment-by-moment, we create limitless such moments in our lifetime that, like the countless grains of sand in the Sahara Desert, are formidable and influential. Thus, even though our actions seem small, tiny, and insignificant, we create pockets of the beloved community wherever we go, inspiring others, through our example, to do the same.

So, yes, I proclaim our intended goal to be a global beloved community where all live thrives. I proclaim it confidently knowing that holding this vision in our hearts makes it real for us, and those we interact with, now, in this very moment. As the courageous and visionary before us advise, if you aim for the stars, you may get the moon. Haha!

Appreciation and Blessings

Thank you again for your support, your generosity, and your practice. I am deeply honored by all of the blessings you have showered on me and our Boundless Love Project community.

May you always have the wisdom to live your most loving intentions. May you always know your deepest essence to be boundless love, peace, compassion, and joy. Wishing you and your loved ones (hopefully that means “everyone” – Ha ha!) a blessed 2019.

Love and hugs,