2018 Year in Review for the Boundless Love Project


In 2018, the Boundless Love Project accomplished the following:

• We freely offered our Mindfulness Fundamentals course. This twelve-week course trains people in meditation and mindfulness and helps them establish a daily meditation practice. We offered this course freely in partnership with the Dakota County Library.

• We taught three half-day Intro to Meditation Workshops in partnership with the District 196 Community Education program.

• We hosted 42 free weekly group meditations in partnership with the Dakota County Library.

• We have continually updated our website with more trainings, talks, meditations, and other resources to help you live with more mindfulness, peace, love, and joy. This includes posting the rest of our The Four Kinds of Love training meditations and the start of our Being Medicine series.

• We have conducted 21 in-person guided meditations and/or trainings at various locations including an addiction recovery center, a festival, a conference, a retreat, meditation groups, a school, activist groups, and other venues. All of this was freely given.

• In partnership with the compassionate people at Feed My Starving Children, we organized seven volunteer parties where we package vegan meals to send to people who otherwise would be malnourished.

Thank you for being a supporter of the Boundless Love Project. We appreciate your mindfulness practice, your goodwill, your prayers, your financial support, your volunteering, and all of your skillful actions that help us create a global beloved community where all life thrives. Thank you!

Expenses by Category

Income and Expense Report


Donations: $3,270.15
Interest: $0.06
Total income: $3,270.21


Programs: $1,540.53 (81%)
Administrative: $358.23 (19%)
Fundraising: $0.00 (0%)
Total: $1,898.76 (100%)

Net Balance

Total Income: $3,560.25
Total Expense: $1,898.76
Balance: $1,661.49

Cash Flow Statement

Funds at beginning of year: $2,887.22*
Net Funds for 2018: $1,661.49
Funds at end of year: $4,548.71*

* Please note that $3,000 of these funds consist of an interest-free loan from one of our officers that needs to be repaid.

Financial Notes:

The Boundless Love Project’s preferred method of operation is via a gift economy: our Mindfulness Teacher Freeman freely offers the teachings and trainings, and any beneficiaries inspired to give may give.

When donations come in ear-marked for Freeman, they are split 50% to him and 50% to Boundless Love Project. Using this system, the stipend paid to Freeman in 2018 was $1,027.50. Of this stipend, he donated $255 back to the Boundless Love Project. Because donations earmarked for Freeman thank him for his teachings, and his teachings is a program, 100% of his stipend is categorized in the programs column.

Our administrative expense percentage this year was 19%, which is a huge drop from the 33% we had last year. Administrative costs were almost entirely derived from the nonprofit exemption application filing fee ($275) which allowed us to become a 501(c)3 public charity, and the post office box rental fee ($82).

Just as in 2017, zero funds went towards fund-raising in 2018. We feel this to be an appropriate and wonderful amount to invest in fundraising this year. Haha!

The interest-free loan was provided by one of our officers in 2017 to help us with cash flow issues as we get this organization up and running. We plan to hold it for awhile longer as much of our cushion will be invested towards getting an updated computer system that will better support the needs of the organization.

Thanks again for all of your support. Always remember that you are the Boundless Love Project.