Mindfulness Fundamentals Training Scripts

Mindfulness Fundamentals is a three month introduction to meditation and mindfulness designed to give you the tools to better understand the source of your suffering, and the knowledge for how to end your suffering.

Weekly emails were sent to students and these included scripts from the lectures. You can access these online versions of the emails by using the links below. 

1. How Meditation Works (May 29) 
This class transcript is not yet posted. 
2. The Delusions of Futuring and Pasting (June 5)
This class transcript is not yet posted. 
3. Get to Know Your Ego and Essence (June 12)
4. The Delusions of Aversion and Craving (June 19)
5. Your Body Leads You Back to Essence (June 26)
6. The Delusion of Fixed-View (July 3)
7. The Power of Loving Intentions (July 10)

8. The Delusion of Self-View (July 24)

9. Truth, Love & Service: Living in Alignment with Universal Law (July 31) 

10. The Power of Skillfulness (August 7)

11. The Power of Generosity and Purpose (August 14)

12.  Where to Go from Here? (August 28) 
This will be posted as it is created.