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Our Wellness and Liberation Meditation

  • Unny's Home 342 E 44th St Minneapolis, MN 55409-2153 USA (map)

Photo Credit: Sean McGee

This event is organized by Unny Nambudiripad of Our Wellness and Liberation and is open to animal advocates and their friends. The intentions behind these regular meetings are to come together as a community, deepen our self-understanding, develop compassion towards ourselves and others, and become more loving, peaceful, and joyful animal advocates.

The event will include a 30-minute meditation led by Boundless Love Project Mindfulness Teacher, Freeman; a possible discussion on relevant topics; and time for socializing while eating a vegan meal.

We welcome all animal advocates and their friends regardless of the kinds of animal advocacy you do, regardless of the wisdom tradition you believe, regardless of whatever diet you may eat, and regardless of your meditation experience. Please come if you are able. We would love to see you. Please direct questions to Unny at

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About OWL’s Name

We chose the name Our Wellness and Liberation (OWL) for various reasons. Owls traditionally represent wisdom. Our acronym, OWL, represents the wisdom that we hope this group will help us cultivate and embody so we may live with more ease, purpose, and vitality. "Wellness" shows our desire to develop physical, spiritual, emotional, and social wellness within ourselves and our community. "Liberation" represents the freedom and wellbeing we seek for all human and nonhuman animals. "Our" emphasizes our desire to undertake this journey as a community, where we support each other along the way.