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Free Group Meditation and Beginner Yoga

  • Galaxy Library Meeting Room L106 14955 Galaxie Avenue Apple Valley, MN, 55124 United States (map)

Lisa will peer-lead this week’s group meditation. After a 30-minute meditation, she will lead us through some beginner-level yoga postures (not the one pictured - Haha!) , and you may participate as you see fit. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. Yoga mats will be provided.

About Lisa

Lisa received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education (K-12) and a Masters of Arts in Developmental Adapted Physical Education from Mankato State University. She has been teaching for ISD #196 for the past 27 years working primarily in the elementary setting where she has received training in Yoga Calm for educators. She's been practicing meditation ever since taking "Intro to Meditation: Awaken Your Inner Love, Peace and Joy" from Freeman in June 2017.

Yoga as Mindful Movement Practice

When done mindfully, yoga is a wonderful movement meditation. While doing yoga, try to get out of your head and feel your inner body. Feel the stretching, the effort, and the muscle work, while also feeling the peace, calmness, joy, and energy of the body. Ignore the aversive thoughts that say “I can’t do this” or “I need to stop.” Rather than fixate on the thoughts, do yoga as an act of love for yourself by compassionately feeling your inner body directly. Then, based on how your body feels, breathe and move in a way that respects and honors your body’s needs in the moment.

Yoga is a wonderful way to practice and play with implementing wise effort. Wise effort is the least amount of effort necessary to do a task such as moving and holding a pose with quality, ease, and grace. When we use less effort, our form becomes sloppy and our mind becomes lost in thoughts. Use too much effort, and we feel stress and more tension than is necessary.

All stress can be thought of as wasted and counter-productive effort. You may even notice how stress frequently arises from a greedy mental attitude of wanting to achieve something or needing a specific result from what you are doing, rather than simply relaxing and peacefully being with the present moment.

Use yoga to joyfully explore the experiences of too much effort, too little effort, and the sweet spot of wise effort. When you learn this through your meditation or yoga practice, you can apply it to the rest of your life as well. This will greatly enhance the peace, ease, and joy you experience in your life.

This group meditation will not be live-streamed.

If you have been enjoying the live-streams, please consider listening to a previously recorded group meditation on our website that you have not heard before. You can find ample options to choose from under out “Trainings” tab and in our blog section. Thank you!

Helpful information about the venue:

  • We will meet in one of the library conference rooms. Office chairs are provided to sit in. If you prefer another arrangement, you may sit or lie on the floor. Feel free to bring yoga mats, cushions, blankets or whatever you need to be comfortable during the meditation.

  • We encourage you to bring your journal for taking notes and doing written activities.

  • No donations will be requested or accepted at these meetings. This is the Dakota County Library Policy. If you feel moved to donate, follow the instructions on our donation page, but this is not necessary. These events are offered freely to you for your benefit and welfare.