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Free Physical and Virtual Group Meditation

  • Galaxy Library Meeting Room L106 14955 Galaxie Avenue Apple Valley, MN, 55124 United States (map)

These group meditations are free and open to the public. Our time together includes the following:

  • A thirty-minute guided meditation.

  • A one-off talk, a reading/discussion, a mindfulness activity, or a combination of these things. Please bring a journal and pen or pencil to use for activities requiring writing and journaling.

  • At this group meditation, we will continue our Creating the Beloved Community series of talks.

Helpful information about the venue:

  • We will meet in one of the library conference rooms. Office chairs are provided to sit in. If you prefer another arrangement, you may sit or lie on the floor. Feel free to bring yoga mats, cushions, blankets or whatever you need to be comfortable during the meditation.

  • We encourage you to bring your journal for taking notes and doing written activities.

  • No donations will be requested or accepted at these meetings. This is the Dakota County Library Policy. If you feel moved to donate, follow the instructions on our donation page, but this is not necessary. These events are offered freely to you for your benefit and welfare.

Details on How to Join us Virtually

We have recently been live-streaming these group meditation online as well. To join us virtually, go to our Facebook Page. We aim to start live-streaming between 6:20 to 6:30 p.m. If we have not gone live yet, please meditate patiently until the image of us live streaming appears. Once this image appears, you may need to click on it in order to join us.

Tips for Enjoying the Live-Stream

  • Do what you can to create a peaceful, calm environment where you will not be distracted or disturbed. We will be doing a guided meditation, so you will want to create a safe, quiet, calm environment that will help you remain focused.

  • Watch in a secluded room, or with others who are joining you for the meditation. Politely ask others in your household to not disturb you while attending the group meditation.

  • If you are watching this on a computer, put your computer in "do not disturb" mode.

  • Turn off or silence your phones.

  • Set aside all papers, magazines, books, mail, and other things that will distract you.

  • Find a chair or cushion where you can sit comfortably still during the 30 minute meditation.

  • Adjust the volume to where you can hear me clearly. You may want to use earbuds if there is background noise where you are.

  • Feel free to close your eyes during the meditation and the talk and listen with an open heart and open mind. Try to feel and understand the reality to which the words point.

  • Post any comments or questions you have on our page after the talk is over, and I will try to respond to you within a few days.

Thank you! Enjoy!