Support Unny Nambudiripad's Triathlon

Hi, my name is Unny and I am doing a triathlon on August 31, 2019. Please support me by contributing to the Boundless Love Project!

I host monthly OWL Meditations (here is the June 2019 meditation) and co-organized the OWL Retreat. Both of these are Boundless Love Project programs with the goal of supporting animal advocates by providing them opportunities to deepen their compassion, love, and patience. Contributing helps maintain these programs, and all of the love-enriching efforts of the Boundless Love Project.

I felt inspired to do a full triathlon again after doing a biking leg of a triathlon in 2018. That experience was difficult for me. I noticed how I have aged and how I am slower than before. I was lamenting what I have not done with my life. I felt a deep sadness.

After that experience, I recognized that I could choose, again and again, to embrace life, possibility, and vitality. I decided that completing a second full triathlon (sprint distance, mind you) could be a good opportunity to feel alive and appreciate what I can accomplish.

To honor my effort, I invite you to make a contribution of whatever size is meaningful to you. My goal is to raise $1,000 by August 31, 2019.

Why give to this effort?

  • Boundless Love Project is doing critical work to cultivate wisdom and love for all living beings. They do this on a tiny budget. Your contribution supports this work!

  • I have volunteered to create Our Wellness and Liberation (OWL) programs, which are a part of the Boundless Love Project. Supporting the Boundless Love Project is a great way to support me!

  • The Boundless Love Project offers all of their teachings and programs for free. Your support makes that possible.

You are also invited to watch Unny do the triathlon! Spectators are welcome to the food after the event, and there will be vegan options. This is the second time I have done the Hopkins Royal Triathlon.